Week Twenty from Wormologists Abby & Ryan M. (Ms. Jozwiak reporting)

( 4/4/08)  We added 90 grams of banana peel and pizza crust to the worm bin.  There was old food visible in the bin in sections 1, 6, and 5.  The bedding all seemed very dry so we sprayed it with water.  There was a whole big group of worms in section 7, so we put the food there.  The worms don’t seem to be making as much compost.  We talked about it and thought that maybe they like juicy foods better.  We’re going to try to give them more juicy foods.  The yarn we added way back in December is still there.

Week Nineteen from Wormologists Zach and Ryan S.

Welcome to the nineteenth week of Worm World!  The first day the bin was damp but not wet and about 60-80 degrees.  The second day it was dry and 60 degrees.  So we put the two layers of water on the bedding.  There were no fruit flies.  The deeper we dug, the dryer it got.  We fed them limes, onions, scallions, carrots, tomatoes, lemons, 3 apples, oatmeal, egg yolk, egg shells, cereal, cabbage, cheese, tea bags, pancakes, mushrooms and banana peels.  Altogether we fed them 1,260 grams!  We put it in sections 1,2,3,4,5,6.  The worms are laying eggs on the banana peels.  Our hypothesis is that they are going to lay more eggs on the banana peels.  See you next time in Worm World!

Compost vs. Soil Experiment Update

The compost seems really dry (even though it’s watered each day).  There are still big lumps in it (like veggie parts).  Maybe next time we should sift compost better.  The clumps might make it too hard for the seeds.  Maybe the plants are getting too much sun.  Maybe the compost has too much fertilizer and is actually hurting the seeds!  In compost and soil we’ve seen several plants sprout.  Probably the mixture of nutrients in the soil mixed with the compost is helping the seeds.  So far, every pot with just soil has a plant.  So it looks like the soil is doing the best so far.

Week Eighteen from Wormologists Brendan and Kaibo

Welcome to the next week of Worm World!  We fed the worms banana peels, orange peels, potato and carrots.  It was a total of 445 grams.  We put the food in sections 7, 8, and 9.  The bedding was fine.  There was old food in section 6.  We think they will eat the carrots and potatoes first and the orange peels last.  We’ll see you next time in Worm World!

Weeks Sixteen & Seventeen by Wormologists Seanie, Patrick, Karly, Matt and Head Wormologist Ms. Jozwiak*

*Due to illnesses, a snow day, and just being really busy, last week’s Wormologists never got to write and present the Worm Report, so they joined this week’s Wormologists in presenting this report.

Last week Patrick and Seanie did not see many worms in the bin.  When they joined Matt and Karly (this week’s Wormologists), they noticed many more worms in the bin.  The worms that were observed seemed to be hanging out in the bottom of the bin.  Patrick had a hypothesis that as the worms eat more and make more and more compost, they’ll have to move up in the bin.  At the beginning of the week, Matt and Karly sprayed water on the paper in the bin because last week Seanie and Patrick noticed that it was really dry.  When we all checked the bin on Friday, the moisture level seemed better.  Last week the Wormologists also noticed a bunch (about 15) of small red spider mites.  They were gone when we checked the bin this week.  (Wonder where they went??)  In the last two weeks our worms were given banana peels, egg shells, grapes, coffee grounds, grapefruit, pickles, Special K, lettuce, apples, tomatoes, carrots, onions, and cauliflower and broccoli to eat.  This food was added to sections 1, 7, 8, and 9.  It totalled 418 grams.  (Last week’s group noticed that some of the food they added wasn’t in the same place.  It looks like the worms were busy!)  Next week the worms will miss us, since we’ll be on February break!  (But Ms. Jozwiak promises to come in and check on them so they don’t get too lonely!)

Week Fifteen from Wormologists Steven and Tyler

Invasion.  Worm economy lowering.  Our new theory this week is more of an issue.  We are being invaded by ants, beetles, spiders, and fruit flies.  Few worms have been sighted.  We are worried over the sudden drop in the economy of worms.  More insects have been seen.  Tuesday we fed them carrots and an apple.  Thursday we fed them smelly onions.  In all, we fed them 440 grams (that’s a lot) of food.  When we looked in the spots where the food was, there was barely any food.  There was brown stuff eating white stuff.  We still have no clue what it was.  We saw two worms in all.  This week in Worm World we have one giant hypothesis with our economy issue.  This matter takes place on a rotten banana peel in section 1.  We found out that our worms like to lay eggs on banana peels because the only eggs we found were on the peels.  We want the Wormologists to put more banana peels in the bin so we can win the battle against the other insects.  Thank you for joining us in this scary World of Worms!

Week Fourteen from Wormologists Shelby and Ryan M.

Welcome back to Worm World.  We have a special report!  Harvesting Our Compost:  The reason why we harvested the compost is that we had more than enough compost in our worm bin and it was getting too crowded.  We found lots of weird things like……not all-the-way-eaten food.  We also found lots of baby worm eggs.  We noticed that the compost was in big chunks.  This is how we harvested the compost:  Ms. Jozwiak spread the dirt in the bins into columns.  She gave some columns to different groups of students.  Every group separated the compost from the worms.  When we were done, we weighed the compost.  It weighed three pounds.  Then we weighed the worms.  They weighed one pound.  After we finished harvesting all our compost, we put the worms and the compost in two different bags.  We are trying to find out what we can do with the compost.  The following day we set up a new worm bin.  We’ll be back next week from Worm World!

Week Thirteen by Wormologists Ceili and Abby

This post is written by Mrs. B from Worm World Central with the help of wormologists Ceili and Abby.  Tomorrow will be new and different for our worms.  Our wormologists did a lot of research about harvesting the bin and changing the bedding for the worms.  They came to these conclusions:  1) the bin needs to be harvested, 2) materials needed will be a plastic tarp, 6 lights, and holding/storage bins for the compost and the worms.  Harvesting will begin on Tuesday, Jan 22.  Steps to harvest will include making a pile of the contents of the bin, scraping the compost away from the worms, weighing the worms, and replacing the bedding and adding back the worms.  We don’t know how much compost there will be, but some of it will be sent to another classroom that is conducting a soil study.  There will be lots to talk about next time in Worm World.  See you then!

Week Twelve from Wormologists Tyler and Seanie

Today we’re going to report a success in Worm World!!  Today we fed the worms a lot of food.  We gave them a tomato, apple, banana and banana peel, grapefruit peel, red pepper and green tomato.  The total was 904 grams.  When we opened the bin, it smelled kind of oniony.  There was no water added.  It seemed both damp and dry.  There was so much compost it looked like poop.  We think that the worms have been eating the onion kind of slowly.  We also think the worms will eat the tomato first because it’s the smallest.  We think they’ll eat the grapefruit peel last because it’s the largest fruit.  We’ll also have to put water in the bin next week.  That ends our report from Worm World…..until next time.

Week Eleven from Wormologists Katie and Linda

Welcome to Worm World from this week’s Wormologists!  We saw a lot of worms in Location 5.  We noticed that the bin looks different than before. A lot of food was eaten.  Some food was visible in Locations 8,9,7,5,2,3,1. We fed the worms 372 grams of food.  We fed them egg shells, cereal, crackers, sweet tomatoes, onion peels, onions, celery, grapes, clementines, white carrots, and banana peels.  We also fed them pieces of yarn. We think that they will eat the onions, onion peels and banana peels last.  That’s the end of our news in Worm World.  See you next time!